布里斯托尔市1-0德比郡:法玛拉·迪希乌(Famara Diedhiou)挡过韦恩·鲁尼(Wayne Rooney)带领的公羊队

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Wayne Rooney"s first game as figurehead of Derby"s new coaching team ended in a 1-0 Sky Bet Championship defeat to Bristol City at Ashton Gate

韦恩·鲁尼(Wayne Rooney)作为德比(Derby)新教练团队的领军人物的第一场比赛以1-0天空投注冠军(Sky Bet Championship)在阿什顿门(Ashton Gate)击败布里斯托尔市(Bristol City)

Substitute Famara Diedhiou struck the only goal on 78 minutes, latching onto an Antoine Semenyo cross from the right and beating David Marshall with a low left-footed shot from 12 yards

替身的Famara Diedhiou在第78分钟打入唯一进球,从右边锁进Antoine Semenyo传中,在12码处左脚低射打败David Marshall

It was enough to settle a game of few chances and keep Derby pinned to the bottom of the table, while the hosts kept themselves flying high among the frontrunners


Championship fixtures | table | highlightsGet Rooney played the whole game but was unable to inspire his side to victory against a well-organised home defence


Derby"s four-man coaching team, including former Bristol City player Liam Rosenior, who directed operations from the dugout, made three changes from the 2-0 home defeat by Barnsley, calling Andre Wisdom, Max Bird and Duane Holmes into a 4-2-3-1 formation

德比的四人教练团队,包括前布里斯托尔市球员利亚姆·罗森尼尔(Liam Rosenior),后者指导了来自独木舟的行动,对巴恩斯利(Barnsley)的2-0主场失利做出了三处更改,称安德烈·智慧(Andre Wisdom),马克斯·伯德(Max Bird)和杜安·福尔摩斯(Duane Holmes)为4-2 3-1阵型

Bristol, whose training ground only reopened on Thursday after a Covid-19 outbreak, were unchanged from their 1-0 victory at Cardiff last time outpt平台


It took an outstanding Dan Bentley save to stop Derby taking a sixth-minute lead

丹·本特利(Dan Bentley)出色的扑救使德比(Derby)第六分钟领先

The goalkeeper arched his back to tip over a well-struck Martyn Waghorn volley from the edge of the box

守门员从禁区边缘向后弯起脚尖,向着重击的Martyn Waghorn凌空抽射

Five minutes later, Marshall was almost left red-faced when robbed by Jamie Paterson, but the City player seemed more surprised than anyone and a poor touch allowed the goalkeeper to recover

五分钟后,马歇尔被杰米·帕特森(Jamie Paterson)抢劫时差点红脸,但曼城球员似乎比任何人都感到惊讶,差劲的接触让守门员得以康复。

Both sides settled into playing neat passing football without an end product


The game was past the half-hour mark when Semenyo forced a save from Marshall with a low drive


At the other end, Bentley was relieved to see a deflected shot from Holmes go wide


The busy Holmes then put Jason Knight in on the right, but his cross was blocked by Tomas Kalas


Bristol had the first meaningful goal attempt of the second half as Semenyo"s 59th-minute chance was dealt with by Marshall at his near post


Seconds later, Waghorn was just wide for Derby with a curling effort


Semenyo headed wide from a Jack Hunt cross as both teams again attacked with promise

塞梅尼奥从杰克·亨特(Jack Hunt)十字架前线起步,两队再次向对方进攻

Holmes fired over for the visitors before Paterson wasted a good Bristol chance by shooting over from inside the box


Both sides made changes, Bristol head coach Dean Holden sending on Diedhiou and Chris Brunt for Martin and Callum O"Dowda before Derby responded by replacing Holmes with Morgan Whittaker

双方都做出了改变,布里斯托尔的主教练迪恩·霍尔顿(Dean Holden)派Diedhiou和克里斯·布鲁特(Martin and Callum O"Dowda)出任Diedhiou和克里斯·布鲁特(Chris Brunt)

It was Diedhiou"s introduction that reaped dividends


More changes followed for both sides, but while Derby threw men forward in the closing stages their finishing was not accurate enough to test Bentley


Matt Clarke was wide with a header as the hosts soaked up late pressure to claim the points

主持人马特·克拉克(Matt Clarke)头球攻门,


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