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Coventry were held to a goalless draw for the third time in five home games as they fought out a drab 0-0 stalemate with Huddersfield at St Andrew"s


Two separate three-minute spells in each half produced the total sum of the game"s excitement as Isaac Mbenza missed a glorious chance for Huddersfield and Max Biamou hit a post for Coventry

由于艾萨克·姆本扎(Isaac Mbenza)错过了哈德斯菲尔德(Huddersfield)和马克斯·比亚莫(Max Biamou)出任考文垂一职的机会,因此每半场比赛中两个单独的三分钟咒语产生了整个比赛的激动

The point extended the Sky Blues" unbeaten run to eight matches, with five draws and three wins in that sequence, as they remain 18th in the Sky Bet Championship - six points above the bottom three


Championship fixtures | table | highlightsGet But it was Huddersfield who looked the more threatening throughout, with Coventry goalkeeper Ben Wilson saving well from Mbenza and Alex Pritchard as the point moved the Terriers up to 14th place足球风云频道

冠军赛器材| 桌子| 但是在整个过程中,更具威胁的是哈德斯菲尔德,考文垂门将本·威尔逊从姆本扎和亚历克斯·普里查德手中救出了不错的位置,这使梗犬的排名上升到了第14位。 足球风云频道

Huddersfield boss Carlos Corberan made six changes from the side humbled 5-0 at Bournemouth at the weekend, with Belgian forward Mbenza one of those returning for a first league meeting between these sides in 48 years

哈德斯菲尔德老板卡洛斯·科贝兰(Carlos Corberan)上周末在伯恩茅斯以5比5谦卑地从一侧做出了六次换球,比利时前锋姆宾扎(Mbenza)是其中之一,他们返回了48年来双方之间的第一次联赛会议

After a quiet start, the game exploded into life with three big chances in the space of four minutes just after the quarter-hour mark


Coventry keeper Wilson prevented the hosts from falling behind, diving to get a strong left hand to Mbenza"s low shot after Lewis O"Brien had robbed Ben Sheaf just outside the area

路易斯·奥布莱恩(Lewis O"Brien)在该地区附近抢劫本·谢夫(Ben Sheaf)之后,考文垂门将威尔逊(Wilson)阻止了主机落伍,跳水使姆宾扎(Mbenza)的低射得到了强有力的左手

The Sky Blues broke swiftly from the resulting corner, Jamie Allen finding Gustavo Hamer, who exchanged passes with Callum O"Hare before drilling inches over from the edge of the area

天蓝色迅速从所产生的拐角处破裂,杰米·艾伦(Jamie Allen)找到古斯塔沃·哈默(Gustavo Hamer)。

But the best opportunity of the three fell to Mbenza as he latched on to O"Brien"s fine through ball and rounded Wilson, but steered into the side-netting from a tight angle with an unmarked Juninho Bacuna screaming for a square pass for a tap-in

但是三人的最佳机会落在姆本扎,因为他通过球锁住奥布莱恩的球并绕过威尔逊,但是从一个狭窄的角度转向侧网,没有标记的朱尼尼奥·巴库纳尖叫着要求传球来接球。 在

While the Terriers looked the more dangerous team for much of the half, Coventry improved as it went on, with Hamer and Allen testing visiting keeper Ryan Schofield from range before half-time


The second half was bereft of openings until the final 10 minutes when the game opened up as both sides sniffed victory


Only the width of the woodwork denied Coventry as Fankaty Dabo robbed Harry Toffolo and his near-post cross was touched onto the post by Biamou and ricocheted off the recovering Rarmani Edmonds-Green and back onto the upright before the Huddersfield defender hacked clear

当Fankaty Dabo抢劫Harry Toffolo时,只有木制品的宽度被考文垂所拒绝,Biamou将他的近哨十字架划上了哨所,弹跳离开了恢复中的Rarmani Edmonds-Green,然后在Huddersfield的后卫砍断前直立回到立柱上。

Huddersfield almost capitalised on the narrow escape at the other end as Carel Eiting won possession in the Coventry box and fed substitute Pritchard, whose shot was brilliantly tipped wide by Wilson

哈德斯菲尔德差点利用另一端的狭窄逃生,卡雷尔·艾廷(Carel Eiting)赢得了考文垂(Coventry)的控球权,并喂养了替补品普里查德(Pritchard),后者的射门被威尔逊精妙地扑出。


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