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Who is David Prutton tipping for victory in the Sky Bet Championship this weekend? Listen to the Prutton"s Predictions show!David Prutton joins " Simeon Gholam to discuss all his Championship predictions ahead of Gameweek 20

大卫·普鲁顿(David Prutton)本周末在天空投注冠军赛中为谁争取胜利? 大卫·普鲁顿(David Prutton)与"西缅·古拉姆(Simeon Gholam)一起讨论《 Gameweek 20》之前他对冠军的所有预测

You can listen below, as he reveals who he is backing this weekend


Preston vs Bristol City, Friday 8pm - Live on FootballBoth of these sides suffered poor results in midweek工口游戏在线玩

普雷斯顿vs布里斯托尔市,星期五晚上8点-现场直播足球双方在周中的比赛均表现不佳 工口游戏在线玩

Preston would have been hoping for more after taking the lead at Barnsley, while Bristol City didn"t really turn up against Millwall


With so many games there is little time to dwell for anyone, though! This is a fairly evenly matched game as both sides try and bounce back

尽管有这么多游戏,但是没有人可以呆在任何地方! 双方都试图反弹,这是一个相当平均的比赛

It could go either way, but I"ll edge towards the home side to return to winning ways


Prutton predicts: 2-1 (Sky Bet odds) Norwich vs Cardiff, Saturday 12.30pm - Live on Football Norwich just keep finding ways to win games, and it"s not a huge amount of surprise considering the quality they have in the final third with Teemu Pukki and Emi Buendia

Prutton预测:诺维奇vs卡迪夫,周二12.30pm 2-1(天空下注赔率)-足球比赛诺维奇一直在寻找赢得比赛的方法,考虑到他们在Teemu的最后三场比赛中的质量并不令人惊讶 Pukki和Emi Buendia

Cardiff were disappointing against Swansea last week, but bounced back well with a great win on Wednesday night, coming from behind to beat Birmingham


工口游戏在线玩There will be goals here, but I just can"t back against Norwich


Prutton predicts: 3-2 (Sky Bet odds) Championship fixtures | table | highlightsBrentford vs Reading, Saturday 3pmBrentford have got into a habit of drawing a lot of games at home, and will continue to lose ground on the top two if they can"t start turning those results into wins

Prutton预测:3-2(Sky Bet赔率)冠军赛装备| 桌子| 亮点:布伦特福德vs雷丁,周六下午3点布伦特福德已经养成了在家中打很多比赛的习惯,如果他们不能开始将这些结果转化为胜利,他们将继续在前两名中失利

Reading have a lot of injuries at the minute and not the biggest squad, which may have hindered them a little in midweek against Norwich


I think the Bees will get back to winning ways at home工口游戏在线玩

我认为蜜蜂将回到在家中取胜的道路 工口游戏在线玩

Prutton predicts: 2-1 (Sky Bet odds) Millwall vs Nottingham Forest, Saturday 3pm Two sides who got a much, much-needed win in midweek


Millwall had gone 10 without a victory before winning at Bristol City on Tuesday night, Nottingham Forest beat Sheffield Wednesday the same evening


That result has kept Forest out of the bottom three, and they have Lewis Grabban back too, which is massive for them

这样的结果使Forest排在了后三名之外,他们也让Lewis Grabban回来了,这对他们来说非常重要

Having said that, I think this one will likely be a draw


Prutton predicts: 1-1 (Sky Bet odds) Stoke vs Blackburn, Saturday 3pmTyrese Campbell being out for potentially the rest of the season is such a blow for Stoke


It"s no real surprise that in the two games he"s missed so far they haven"t scored a goal


Blackburn, however, aren"t struggling for goals in the slightest


Adam Armstrong is still pulling up trees, and he"s got Harvey Elliott in support


I"ll back Stoke to get amongst the goals, but Rovers to edge it


Prutton predicts: 1-2 (Sky Bet odds) Wycombe vs QPR, Saturday 3pm When doing these predictions it"s generally always worth a look at the previous record between two sides, but the last time these two met, Gareth Ainsworth was playing for QPR! So that won"t be much use here

Prutton预测:Wycombe vs QPR 1-2(Sky Bet赔率),星期六下午3点做这些预测时,通常总是值得看一下双方之前的纪录,但是最后两次碰面,Gareth Ainsworth参加了QPR! 所以在这里用不了多少

This is the kind of game Wycombe would target for a win, and QPR need to get something positive from after a poor recent run


I"m going to sit right on the fence and go for a draw


Prutton predicts: 1-1 (Sky Bet odds) Prutton"s other predictions (All Saturday 3pm kick-off)Birmingham vs Middlesbrough: 1-1 (Sky Bet odds) Huddersfield vs Watford: 2-2 (Sky Bet odds) Luton vs Bournemouth: 1-2 (Sky Bet odds) Rotherham vs Derby: 0-2 (Sky Bet odds) Sheffield Wednesday vs Coventry: 1-1 (Sky Bet odds) Swansea vs Barnsley: 1-1 (Sky Bet odds)

Prutton预测:1-1(Sky Bet赔率)Prutton的其他预测(整个星期六下午3点开球)伯明翰vs Middlesbrough:1-1(Sky Bet赔率)Huddersfield vs Watford:2-2(Sky Bet赔率)Luton vs Bournemouth: 1-2(Sky Bet赔率)罗瑟勒姆vs德比:0-2(Sky Bet赔率)谢菲尔德星期三vs Coventry:1-1(Sky Bet赔率)Swansea vs Barnsley:1-1(Sky Bet赔率)


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