巴恩斯利0-1布伦特福德:伊万·托尼(Ivan Toney)发射蜜蜂队夺冠

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A goal from in-from striker Ivan Toney gave Brentford a 1-0 victory at Barnsley and extended their unbeaten run to six Championship games

前锋伊万·托尼(Ivan Toney)的进球使布伦特福德在巴恩斯利(Barnsley)取得了1-0的胜利,并将他们的不败战绩扩大到六场冠军赛

Toney was largely kept quiet throughout the 90 minutes but his effort midway through the second half - his 11th in as many league outings - proved decisive


The victory was Brentford"s first in four outings and moved them within two points of the play-off places


It was a fair result as the visitors created most of the openings, keeping Barnsley at bay


Championship fixtures | table | highlightsGet Tariqe Fosu, one of three players recalled to the starting line-up by Brentford boss Thomas Frank, had an early shot saved by Jack Walton

冠军赛器材|桌子| Get Tariqe Fosu是布伦特福德老板Thomas Frank召回首发阵容的三名球员之一,杰克·沃尔顿(Jack Walton)抢先

Rico Henry then went close for the visitors with a low shot which went narrowly wide of the goal

随后,里科·亨利(Rico Henry)低射向客队靠近,后者近距离射门偏出

At the other end, Barnsley"s Matty James fired over and Alex Mowatt tested David Raya with an effort which was parried by the goalkeeper

另一方面,巴恩斯利(Barnsley)的马蒂·詹姆斯(Matty James)开了枪,阿历克斯·莫瓦特(Alex Mowatt)努力测试了大卫·拉亚(David Raya),这是门将的努力

Frank made a change for the start of the second half, sending on Emiliano Marcondes in place of Jay Dasilva, and his side continued to create chances

弗兰克在下半场开始时做出了改变,派了埃米利亚诺·马孔德斯(Emiliano Marcondes)代替杰伊·达西尔瓦(Jay Dasilva),他的身边继续创造机会

利物浦球队Bryan Mbeumo went close with a long-range effort which only just cleared the crossbar and Pontus Jansson directed his header on target following a corner, but it was straight at Walton who gathered comfortably

利物浦球队布莱恩·姆贝莫(Bryan Mbeumo)进行了很长时间的努力,这只是清除了横杆,庞特斯·詹森(Pontus Jansson)将他的头球对准了角球,但沃尔顿却直奔了后者

The goal finally came in the 66th minute


Mathias Jensen delivered a corner and former Newcastle striker Toney met it with a glancing header that found the net

Mathias Jensen开出了一个角球,前纽卡斯尔前锋Toney看到了球门,发现了球

Marcondes set up Mbeumo who shot wide from the right-hand side of the area as the visitors threatened a second


Barnsley boss Valerien Ismael made a triple substitution in the 71st minute as he tried to inject life into his side"s display, with Victor Adeboyejo, Herbie Kane and Clarke Oduor all brought on

巴恩斯利(Barnsley)老板瓦莱里恩·伊斯梅尔(Valerien Ismael)在第71分钟进行了三场换人,原因是他试图将生命注入自己的身边,维克多·阿德博耶霍,赫比·凯恩和克拉克·奥杜尔全都加入了

But Brentford still poured forward and Walton had to catch a deep cross from Henrik Dalsgaard as Fosu waited to pounce before Bees substitute Sergi Canos just failed to get on the end of a long ball forward

但是布伦特福德仍然往前倾,沃尔顿不得不从亨里克·达尔斯加德(Henrik Dalsgaard)跳出一个很深的十字架,因为佛苏等着扑向,但蜜蜂的替补塞尔吉·卡诺斯(Sergi Canos)没能长传

The Barnsley players and management made a strong appeal for a penalty when Vitaly Janelt appeared to handle the ball inside the area, but referee Darren Bond was unmoved

当维塔利·珍妮特(Vitaly Janelt)出现在该区域内处理球时,巴恩斯利(Barnsley)球员和管理层强烈要求判罚,但裁判达伦·邦德(Darren Bond)却不动

Canos put fellow substitute Marcus Forss through on goal in stoppage time but Walton was alert to the danger and made a vital save to deny him

卡诺斯在补时阶段将替补球员马库斯·福斯(Marcus Forss)拖入了进球,但沃尔顿对这种危险保持了警惕,并做出了重要的挽救以拒绝他

Barnsley, who started the game on a run of four league wins out of five under Ismael, never seriously threatened to draw level



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