维夫·安德森(Viv Anderson):玩家能否在不前进的情况下登顶?

时间:2020-12-12 11:06:57

Viv Anderson and Simon Francis question whether players can reach the top level without heading, amid renewed concerns over former players developing dementia

Viv Anderson和Simon Francis质疑球员是否可以在没有前进的情况下达到最高水平,因为对前球员发展痴呆症的新一轮担忧

Current players have expressed their support for the Professional Footballers" Association"s (PFA) proposals to reduce heading in training, says the union"s assistant chief executive Simon Barker

联盟助理首席执行官西蒙·巴克(Simon Barker)表示,目前的球员已经表达了对职业足球协会(PFA)减少训练方向的建议的支持。

Nobby Stiles, a member of England"s 1966 World Cup-winning squad, became the latest high-profile former player to die after suffering with the disease last month

诺比·斯蒂尔斯(Nobby Stiles)是英格兰1966年世界杯冠军球队的成员,在上个月罹患该病后,他成为最新的备受瞩目的前球员

Stiles" former England team-mates Jack Charlton, Martin Peters and Ray Wilson also had dementia before they passed away, while Sir Bobby Charlton - Jack"s brother - was diagnosed recently

Stiles的前英格兰队友Jack Charlton,Martin Peters和Ray Wilson在去世之前也患有痴呆症,而Jack的兄弟Bobby Charlton爵士最近被诊断出

Speaking to " David Prutton, former England international Anderson insisted he cannot see heading being absent from the game completely

前英格兰国脚安德森(Anderson)在对大卫·普鲁顿(David Prutton)讲话时坚称,他看不到比赛完全没有前进的方向

Asked whether there will be a time where heading is not a part of football, Anderson said: "No


I don"t think so


I"ve got a 12 year old and I can"t see him not heading the ball either


But I watch his training sessions and they don"t head the ball anywhere near as much as we did, and in that respect, it"s more technical


PFA calls for heading restrictions in trainingSir Geoff Hurst supports ban on children headingFrank Lampard considers training changes amid dementia concerns"Look at sides now, the Man Citys of this world, they don"t play with a big forward, it"s all to feet, and movement, but you still have to head the ball at set pieces单机角色扮演游戏

PFA呼吁限制进修方向杰夫·赫斯特爵士支持禁止儿童进修弗兰克·兰帕德(Frank Lampard)考虑到痴呆症引起的变化,“从侧面看,这个世界的曼城,他们没有大前锋的发挥,全是脚步,而且动作,但是您仍然必须将球保持在固定位置单机角色扮演游戏

Getting rid of that is difficult to comprehend


"You couldn"t have football without heading单机角色扮演游戏


It"s fundamental in the make-up of football


Set pieces are a big thing in football, how many times do teams win games on set pieces alone?" Asked if a young player can reach the top without heading the ball, Anderson added: "No, absolutely not


But I think the style of play can definitely play." Former Bournemouth defender Francis, who now runs a youth academy, believes the reduction in heading could have a positive impact on the style of play of young footballers, and ultimately help the game in England


"The game has come on a lot, football has changed, and the style of play


"For a footballing nation, it can only be a good thing to reduce the amount of heading we are doing in training, especially at a young age


If we can get the ball down, and get them to play that way, it"s certainly going to help in the long run


"The evolution of football, playing conditions and the style of play has changed dramatically in this country


Hopefully it"s going to improve even more, like to a Spain or a Holland, we see the technical side of play in those countries more."



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