西布朗(West Brom)的Sam Allardyce:将在Baggies工作吗?

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Sam Allardyce is back in the Premier League but will his "survival blueprint" work at West Brom? The Baggies have axed Slaven Bilic and turned to a manager dubbed the "firefighter" after finding themselves second-bottom of the Premier League, having won just one of their 13 games since promotion

萨姆·阿拉迪斯(Sam Allardyce)重返英超联赛,但他的“生存蓝图”会在西布朗(West Brom)工作吗? 在发现自己是英超联赛的倒数第二名后,Baggies砍掉了Slaven Bilic并转为被称为“消防员”的经理,自晋升以来仅赢了13场比赛中的一场

Dudley-born Allardyce was sacked from his last job at Everton in 2018 but has famously never been relegated, having masterminded rescue missions at Bolton, Blackburn, Sunderland and Crystal Palace


He arrives at The Hawthorns - his eighth Premier League job - on an 18-month contract and, with a third of the season gone, must quickly set to work trying to hoist the Baggies up the table


To do it, he is likely to dust off his "survival blueprint" - as detailed to back in 2017..


West Brom sack Slaven BilicMan City held by battling BaggiesWest Brom fixturesWhat Allardyce needs to sort West Brom are currently only two points adrift from safety - albeit having played a game more than their fellow strugglers

西布朗队的大袋奴役史蒂文·比利奇(Salaven Bilic)与巴基吉斯作战(Baggies)

Indeed, the Baggies are only six points shy of 15th-place Arsenal


But the former England manager has issues to address at both ends of the pitch


The Baggies have created a league-low number of clear-cut chances and struggled to score at one end, while shipping a league-high 26 at the other


However, Allardyce will look for the positives, too


His new side excel at recoveries, winning aerials and tackling, traits that fit elements of his survival blueprint


The "survival blueprint" explained Allardyce lifted the lid on his "survival blueprint" during a Monday Night Football appearance back in 2017


He described clean sheets as fundamental to survival and cited his Palace signings of Patrick van Aanholt, Mamadou Sakho and defensive midfielder Luka Milivojevic as key to a run of six shut-outs in the final 16 games of the season


The Eagles won all six of those games and went on to survive comfortably


"Crystal Palace had only kept one clean sheet in 17 Premier League matches when I got there last season, which meant the bare minimum was two goals to win a game," he said


"It only takes one goal to win a game


Clean sheets give you the platform to be successful in a season


You can"t always score two or three goals菠菜娱乐平台

你不能总是进球两三个 菠菜娱乐平台

The influx of new players made all the difference defensively


It creates a lot more confidence and flair for the front lads." Allardyce revealed he would drum into his players the importance of not losing the ball in their own half


"The Premier League is so good that the opposition can capitalise massively on those mistakes," he said


"You give the ball away there and the opposition are at your back four or your back two and they are shooting and scoring goals." He also emphasised the importance of a quick forward pass

“你把球传到那里,而对手在你的后排四号位或后排两个排位,他们正在投篮得分。” 他还强调了快速前进的重要性

"Even against the best defensive team in the Premier League, it"s a quick forward pass that creates the opportunity to score," he said


"Too many sideways or backward passes allow the opposition to get back into their own half and put up two banks of four


"It"s fashionable now to have possession in midfield, but no defender likes running back towards their own goal with a centre-forward chasing them down." The stats certainly highlight his commitment to direct passing

“现在拥有中场控球权是一种时尚,但是没有一个后卫喜欢用中锋追赶他们来朝自己的目标跑。” 数据肯定突出了他对直接传球的承诺

Before his move to Everton, his previous five seasons as a manager at West Ham, Sunderland and Crystal Palace saw his teams rank in the top five in terms of the percentage of passes forward


"There"s an emphasis in the Premier League now not to play the ball in behind the opposition quick enough," he added


He revealed the onus he put on knock-downs at Palace, with Wilfried Zaha and Andros Townsend instructed to run beyond Christian Benteke and he also spoke of his belief that set-pieces are vital

他透露了他在皇宫进行推倒的责任,威尔弗里德·扎哈(Wilfried Zaha)和安德罗斯·汤森(Andros Townsend)被指示逃离克里斯蒂安·本特克(Christian Benteke),他还说他相信套装非常重要

When he kept Sunderland up in 2015/16, the Black Cats scored more set-piece goals than any other side and also conceded the fewest


It was the difference between relegation and survival


"It comes from working on the training ground," he said


"Every week it"s just a case of highlighting who we"re playing against, what they try to do from set pieces, and who each player is going to mark


"If you don"t coach it or show your players how to defend it then you can play as well as you want, you can be on top of the game as much as you want, but one set play can give the opposition the goal that gets them ahead." He also used the example of a Palace win at Chelsea to highlight the importance of hunting for the smallest opposition weakness, explaining how putting pressure on at throw-ins and shifting his centre forwards to wider positions "gave them something to think about"

“如果您不执教或不向球员展示如何防守,那么您可以随心所欲地踢球,您可以根据自己的意愿在比赛中处于领先地位,但是一场比赛可以为对手提供进球的机会。 使他们领先。” 他还以切尔西赢得皇宫为例,强调了寻找最小的对手弱点的重要性,解释了如何在掷界外球上施加压力并将他的中锋向前移动到更宽的位置,“给他们一些思考的机会”。

What went wrong at Everton last time out? Allardyce led Everton to an eighth-placed finish in 2017/18 but concerns over the club"s style of play lingered

上一次在埃弗顿出什么事了吗? 阿勒代斯带领埃弗顿在2017/18赛季排名第八,但对俱乐部的打法方式的担忧依然存在

The Toffees were struggling in the bottom half prior to Allardyce"s arrival at Finch Farm but while results suggested progress, the means were unpopular

在Allardyce到达Finch Farm之前,太妃糖在下半场挣扎,但结果表明取得了进展,但手段并不受欢迎

Everton were a bottom-half team in terms of passes and possession after his appointment


Only relegated Swansea had fewer shots and fewer shots on target "Does the style matter at Everton? Yes, it does," former Toffees boss Roberto Martinez argued while also a guest on Monday Night Football that season

只有降级的斯旺西射门次数少,射门次数少“埃弗顿的风格重要吗?是的,”前太妃糖老板罗伯托·马丁内斯(Roberto Martinez)争辩说,他也是那个赛季的《星期一之夜》足球嘉宾

"If you look historically at the school of science and the titles won and the silverware, the competitive nature of the football club demands a style." Everton climbed the table, albeit with a negative goal difference, but the demand was for more ambition; for a brand of football that offered greater hope of progression

“如果从历史上看科学学校,获得的冠军头衔和银器,足球俱乐部的竞争本质就需要一种风格。” 埃弗顿攀升了台面,尽管目标差为负,但需求是更大的野心。 为足球品牌提供了更大的发展希望

Analysis: "Allardyce will believe he can keep Baggies up" News" Rob Dorsett: Sam Allardyce is hugely experienced and has a brilliant record of keeping teams in the Premier League

分析:“阿拉德斯相信他能保持Baggies的发展”新闻Rob Dorsett:萨姆·阿拉德斯经验丰富,在保持英超联赛队伍方面拥有辉煌的记录

It"s that simple


The fans may have some concerns about the style of play - Allardyce has never made any apologies for that; he focuses on winning football

球迷可能会对比赛的风格有所顾虑-阿拉迪斯从未对此表示歉意。 他专注于赢得足球

There are a lot of creative players in this side and one of the problems West Brom have had is not scoring enough goals

这一方面有很多有创造力的球员,西布朗(West Brom)遇到的问题之一是没有进球

That"s an issue that needs addressing


The congested fixture list means it may not be easy to change the tactics too quickly but the team that went to the Etihad showed great strength of character and that will give the squad - and the new manager - an awful lot of confidence


Allardyce has been out of the game for a while but he"s a big character and a hugely talented manager and he"ll make West Brom much more difficult to beat

Allardyce已经离开比赛了一段时间,但他是一个大人物,也是一个非常有才华的经理,他将使West Brom更加难以击败

Knowing him and the people around him, I don"t think he would take this job unless he believed he can keep West Brom in the Premier League


He sees himself as a Premier League manager


If he thought they were certain to drop into the Championship, I don"t think he"d be interested


But he will want to know they have the resources in January


Player verdict: "Allardyce took us all by surprise" Former Blackburn player Steven Warnock: "I remember going into a meeting thinking, this is going to be long-ball football and it will be a real slog to stay in the league


But he took the players by surprise


菠菜娱乐平台He broke the game down, he broke our results down


"The most impressive thing was on the training ground


He was in complete control


He made you believe


More often than not, the gameplan he implemented came to fruition


You wanted to work hard for him


He"s a charismatic manager." Former West Brom forward Peter Odemwingie: "He"s proven himself

他是一位很有魅力的经理。”前西布朗(West Brom)前锋彼得·奥德姆温吉(Peter Odemwingie):“他证明了自己

He knows how the bring the best out of players


There"s no threat at the moment but I"m sure he"ll shuffle players around to try and find a way for them to score more goals." Former West Brom striker Rob Earnshaw: "He has a wealth of experience and a big personality

目前没有威胁,但我相信他会洗牌,以尝试找到更多进球的方法。”前西布朗前锋罗伯·恩肖(Rob Earnshaw):“他经验丰富,个性鲜明

He knows what it takes in this division." The bounce effect? " Adam Smith: Between 1992/93 and last season, 19 out of 74 clubs have axed or lost their manager in the first season after promotion to the Premier League - typically during the frantic festive schedule or towards the business end

他知道这支球队需要什么。“反弹的影响?"亚当·史密斯:在1992/93至上赛季之间,74个俱乐部中有19个在晋升到英超联赛后的第一个赛季就被裁员或失去了经理人-通常 疯狂的节日时间表或业务结束

But did those changes achieve the sought-after bounce effect? Well, only six of those 19 clubs stayed up come May

但是这些变化是否达到了抢手反弹的效果? 好吧,这19家俱乐部中只有6家熬夜了

On average, there was a points-per-game boost of 0.18 after bringing in a new boss - but the swings are significant


Crystal Palace"s form soared after sacking Ian Holloway in October 2013, with the Eagles going on to stay up

在2013年10月解雇伊恩·霍洛威(Ian Holloway)之后,水晶宫的身形一飞冲天,老鹰队继续留下来

But Cardiff suffered a notable dip after dismissing Malky Mackay in December the same year and were relegated

但卡迪夫(Cardiff)在同年12月解雇了马尔基·麦凯(Malky Mackay)之后遭受了明显的下滑,并被降级

West Brom will hope Allardyce"s experience - and his survival blueprint - will sway the odds in their favour



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