后卫安东尼·罗宾逊(Antonee Robinson)以14/1的身份首次获得富勒姆助攻

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Our tipster Jones Knows took his profit to +25 points in midweek; he"s back with three tips across the weekend at 14/1, 10/1, and wait for it, 250/1! How did we get on in midweek?We won, wahoo, therefore maintaining a profitable period篮球排行榜

我们的推手琼斯知道,周三他的利润上升到+25点。 他在周末以14 / 1、10 / 1的价格返回了三个提示,并等待250/1! 我们在周三过得如何?赢了,哇,因此保持了有利可图的时期 篮球排行榜

A Wolves shirt with Jones Knows imprinted on the back is now on my Christmas list

我的圣诞节清单上现在印有背面印有Jones Knows的狼队衬衫

They made me look like the second coming of Jesus Christ himself in midweek when the 13/2 for a Ruben Neves shot on target along with Wolves to avoid defeat landed

他们让我看起来像耶稣基督本人在本周中旬的第二次降临,当时鲁本·内维斯(Ruben Neves)的13/2与狼一同击中目标以避免落败

Not so much joy for Harry Maguire, who failed to fire for Manchester United

对于未能为曼联开除的哈里·马奎尔(Harry Maguire)并没有那么高兴

Play Super 6 to win 250kBut +5.5 worth of profit keeps us ticking in the right direction

玩Super 6赢250k但是+5.5的利润让我们朝着正确的方向发展

I"ve got three angles this weekend and one is a speculative 250/1 shot - we"ve all got dreams, haven"t we? And I"m very strong on a Harry Kane inspired 10/1 poke, so have advised double stakes

这个周末我有三个角度,一个是投机性的250/1镜头-我们都有梦想,不是吗? 而且我非常喜欢哈里·凯恩(Harry Kane)启发的10/1戳,所以建议双注

Good luck comrades, and remember, whatever I tip, I back


We"re in this together


P+L = +25 Newcastle vs Fulham, Saturday 8pm: 1pt on Fulham to have 13 or more shots & Antonee Robinson to get an assist (14/1 with Sky Bet - bet here!)What"s the first thing you think of when you hear the name: Antonee Robinson? It"s the failed move from Wigan to AC Milan, isn"t it? The poor lad, you can guarantee that gets mentioned by the commentator on duty for every Fulham game

P + L = +25纽卡斯尔vs富勒姆,星期六晚上8点:富勒姆1分有13球或更多射门,安东尼奥·罗宾逊获得助攻(Sky Bet 14/1,在这里下注!)当您想到第一件事时 听到名字:Antonee Robinson? 这是从威根(Wigan)到AC米兰的失败,不是吗? 这个可怜的家伙,您可以保证每场富勒姆比赛都会得到值班评论员的提及

Well, perhaps he can give onlookers something else to be remembered by this weekend and that"s grabbing his first Premier League assist for Fulham at Newcastle


The left-wing back has caught my eye with his all-action performances, offering Fulham a pacey and creative option down that side in Scott Parker"s 5-2-3-1 formation that is a tough one for opposition teams to get a handle on

左翼后卫的全能表现吸引了我的注意,在斯科特·帕克(Scott Parker)的5-2-3-1阵型中为富勒姆提供了快速而富有创造力的选择,这对于反对派球队来说很难控制

I was surprised to read he"s yet to register an assist this season and a little dig down into the numbers tells me that is about to change soon篮球排行榜

我很惊讶地读到他本赛季还没有注册助攻,对数据的一点挖掘告诉我这将很快改变 篮球排行榜

In 10 appearances, he"s created 12 chances for his teammates - that"s a higher chance creation per 90 minutes than Trent Alexander-Arnold, Lucas Digne and Ben Chilwell篮球排行榜

在10次露面中,他为队友创造了12次机会-比特伦特·亚历山大·阿诺德,卢卡斯·迪涅和本·奇尔韦尔每90分钟创造的机会更高 篮球排行榜

Download the Scores App: Apple | AndroidThe UK"s No 1 scores app: Find out moreTwo of those chances were defined by Opta as big chances - one of which came in Fulham"s 0-0 draw with Brighton when Robinson slid one across for Ruben Loftus-Cheek but he couldn"t find the net

下载Scores应用程序:Apple | 英国排名第一的应用程序:了解更多机会Opta将其中两个机会定义为大机会-其中之一是富勒姆与布莱顿的0-0平局,当时罗宾逊为鲁本·洛夫图斯·希克(Ruben Loftus-Cheek)滑过一个但他找不到 净

An assist is near


I"m expecting Fulham to have plenty of territorial advantage at St James" Park, so Robinson is likely to be given licence to play quite aggressively up against the Newcastle defence down their right - an area which was exposed by Jack Harrison of Leeds in midweek


Steve Bruce"s side conceded a whopping 25 shots in that match, taking their shots faced tally for the season to 196 - only West Brom have faced more

史蒂夫·布鲁斯(Steve Bruce)的那场比赛失球25次,本赛季的射门得分达到196,只有西布朗(West Brom)面对更多

With such a lack of pace in the heart of their defence, Newcastle will play with their usual deep style against a very quick Fulham attack


That should yield plenty of opportunities for Fulham attacks and Sky Bet have priced up them to have 13 or more shots at 11/8

这将为富勒姆进攻提供大量机会,而Sky Bet已将其定价为在11/8时有13次或更多投篮

Against teams that didn"t finish in the top seven last season, Fulham have covered that line seven times out of nine, which makes including the 11/8 shot into my betting plan a bit of a no-brainer


Combined, it"s a very playable 14/1


Tottenham vs Leicester, Sunday 2.30pm: 2pts on Harry Kane to score a header (10/1 with Sky Bet - bet here!) Kane has an addiction to scoring against Leicester City but he"s not ready to go cold turkey just yet

托特纳姆热刺vs莱斯特,星期日2.30pm:哈里·凯恩2分拿下一个头球(Sky Bet 10/1-在这里下注!)凯恩上瘾对莱斯特城得分,但他还没有准备好去火鸡

篮球排行榜The deadly frontman has scored more goals against Leicester in the Premier League (14) than any other club in his career, with 10 in his last five starts


The Kane scoring angle is one obviously well found in the market with Sky Bet offering just Evens on him scoring anytime and a stonkingly short 3/1 on him grabbing the first goal

凯恩(Kane)得分角在市场上很明显,Sky Bet随时为他提供Evens得分,而在他抢到第一个进球的情况下,他以惊人的空缺3/1得分

But there is a way to get a Kane goal onside through the array of special markets offered by Sky Bet

但是有一种方法可以通过Sky Bet提供的一系列特殊市场来实现Kane目标

篮球排行榜It revolves around his heading ability and Leicester"s vulnerability at defending that discipline


Play Super 6 Extra!Rodgers" side have been bullied from aerial attacks in their box this season

发挥Super 6 Extra!Rodgers的一面在本赛季的空袭中被欺负

Only Leeds have given up more headed shots on their goal than the Foxes (33) and no team has conceded more headed shots on target, with 15 attempts being dealt with by Kasper Schmeichel

只有利兹的射门次数超过了福克斯队(33),没有一支球队的射门次数更高,卡巴斯尔·施梅切尔(Kasper Schmeichel)进行了15次尝试

The goalkeeper has seen six of those go past him with Leicester"s organisation from set pieces bordering on chaotic


In total, the Foxes have conceded eight Premier League goals from set pieces (joint-most with Leeds)


And, despite having only played 13 Premier League games, Leicester have already conceded more goals from set pieces and from corners than all last season


It"s a real weakness and one Spurs will be exploiting with Kane surely at the forefront


Since Jose Mourinho took charge last November, only Dominic Calvert-Lewin has scored more headed goals than Kane (5) in the Premier League with more of an emphasis on getting the ball into dangerous areas quicker than when Mauricio Pochettino was in charge

自穆里尼奥(Jose Mourinho)去年11月上任以来,在英超联赛中,只有多米尼克·卡尔弗特-莱温(Dominic Calvert-Lewin)进账比凯恩(5)更多,而且更多地着重于将球送入危险区域,而莫里西奥·波切蒂诺(Mauricio Pochettino)负责

This season, Kane has managed six headers on target from 11 headed shots, scoring twice


That figure really should be three, but he uncharacteristically headed over the bar from close range against Liverpool


At 10/1, he rates as superb value to score with a header


And, I"m going in with an extra point


Manchester United vs Leeds, Sunday 4.30pm: 0.5pts on the game to produce a total of 53 shots or more (250/1 with Sky Bet - bet here!)Yes, this isn"t a typo

曼彻斯特联队对利兹联队,周日下午4.30:在比赛中得到0.5分才能产生53次以上的出手(用Sky Bet进行250/1,在这里下注!)

I really am advising a tickle on a 250/1 shot


Well, this game should be fun, fun, fun


Leeds have been involved in four of the top five games in terms of match shots this season (39,38,35,35)


In fact, Leeds have created the most chances in the Premier League this season (151), which is a staggering achievement


Manchester United are at their best when given space to work in and aren"t afraid of being involved in shot-crazy games themselves (35 vs Newcastle, 34 vs West Ham) - if there"s an early goal in this one then the game to have 29 or more shots at Evens with Sky Bet could prove to be one of the most lucrative Even money shots of all-time

曼彻斯特联队在有足够的工作空间时处于最佳状态,并且不害怕自己参与疯狂的投篮比赛(35对纽卡斯尔,34对西汉姆)-如果这个目标很早,那么比赛就可以 使用Sky Bet在Evens上进行29次或更多次射击可能是有史以来最赚钱的Even money射击之一

The most shots seen in any one Premier League game over the past 10 years was 52, recorded as QPR beat Leicester 3-2 in 2014


That record could be under threat here - and Sky Bet are offering 250/1 for the game to produce 53 or more shots

该记录可能在这里受到威胁-而Sky Bet则为游戏提供250/1的命中率,可产生53张或更多击球

Why not, it"s Christmas!



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