罗伊·基恩(Roy Keane)表示曼联可以挑战利物浦夺冠

时间:2020-12-21 05:13:21

Roy Keane believes Manchester United can push Liverpool for the Premier League title and could be the reigning champions" closest challengers

罗伊·基恩(Roy Keane)相信曼联可以推动利物浦获得英超联赛冠军,并且可能是卫冕冠军最亲近的挑战者

The former Man Utd captain has been a fierce critic this season of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer"s team


But after watching Man Utd dismantle Leeds United 6-2 on Sunday, Keane has acknowledged his opinion has shifted


"I think over the last few months they"ve been heavily criticised, particularly over the home record


I"ve been quite critical of the back four, the goalkeeper, questioning where this team is going, but the name of this game is proving people wrong," Keane told


"Maybe, just maybe, this group of players can do that." The thumping victory over Leeds has propelled Man United to third in the league table, five points behind Liverpool but with a game in hand

“也许,也许,这群球员可以做到这一点。” 击败利兹的胜利使曼联在联赛榜上排名第三,仅落后利物浦五分,但仍在比赛中

Man Utd 6-2 Leeds - Match report and free highlightsHow the teams lined up | Match statsPremier League table | Premier League top scorers"They"ve been winning games, and that"s all you can do

曼联6-2利兹-比赛报告和免费精彩片段 比赛统计高级联赛表| 英超联赛最佳射手”他们一直在赢得比赛,这就是您所能做的

United are in a great position considering how slow they were out of the blocks


If United can get their house in order at home, there"s no reason why United can"t stay up there


"I think Liverpool are still the best, but there"s no reason why United should be fancying their chances in terms of pushing Liverpool." United"s position in the league table for Christmas is their best since Sir Alex Ferguson departed

“我认为利物浦仍然是最好的,但是没有理由为什么曼联应该在推动利物浦方面抓住机会。” 自弗格森爵士离职以来,曼联在圣诞节联赛榜上的位置是最高的

This time 12 months ago, they were just eighth, a mammoth 24 points shy of the summit


"Manchester United were excellent," added Keane


"What Leeds left for United was space


We always thought Leeds were there for the taking金丽华酒店

我们一直以为利兹就在那里 金丽华酒店

"It"s a big boost for United


Liverpool are still the strongest, but United could be the best of the rest." Keane: Tottenham looked soft But while Keane was impressed with Manchester United and optimistic for their prospects, he was underwhelmed by a subdued Tottenham side which meekly surrendered to a 2-0 home defeat to Leicester

利物浦仍然是最强的,但曼联可能是其余球队中最好的。”基恩:热刺看上去很温柔,但是当基恩对曼联印象深刻并且对他们的前景感到乐观时,他却对疲软的热刺一面不知所措,他温和地屈居于第二 -0主场负于莱斯特

Having briefly gone top of the league with a win over Arsenal at the start of the month, Tottenham have collected just one point from a possible nine over the past seven days


Get | Get a PassPremier League fixtures | Premier League results"It"s been a bad week for Tottenham," said Keane

取得| 获得PassPremier League固定装置| 英超联赛结果“基恩说,这对托特纳姆热刺队来说是糟糕的一周”

"You can tell that Mourinho is fuming


There was no spark, there was a softness


They need to bounce back quickly


"There was no intensity from Spurs


They never got going and gave away two really poor goals." Keane"s most vehement criticism was reserved for Serge Aurier, who conceded the match-tilting penalty Jamie Vardy converted on the stroke of half-time with an ill-judged challenge on Wesley Fofana金丽华酒店

他们从来没有走过,放弃了两个非常糟糕的进球。 金丽华酒店

"There is a word to describe it: madness! I need to be careful what I say about this defender


We"ve been on this road before with him


Utter madness," said Keane


"There is no danger, Fofana is not in on goal, Aurier is an experienced player - madness


He wasn"t thinking, this lad doesn"t think." Since joining Tottenham in the summer of 2017, Aurier has conceded four penalties in the Premier League, a tally only dwarfed by David Luiz

自从2017年夏天加入热刺以来,奥瑞尔已经在英超联赛中承认了四次点球大战,这一成绩仅次于大卫·路易斯(David Luiz)


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